Submissions from 2018

Performance Trades for Multiantenna GNSS Multisensor Attitude Determination Systems, Nathan Tehrani and Jason Gross

Submissions from 2017


Advances In Diamond Nanofabrication For Ultrasensitive Devices, Stefania Castelletto, Lorenzo Rosa, Jonathan Blackledge, Mohammed Zaher Al Abri, and Albert Boretti


Probing Microplasticity In Small-Scale Fcc Crystals Via Dynamic Mechanical Analysis, Xiaoyue Ni, Stefanos Papanikolaou, Gabriele Vajente, Rana X Adhikari, and Julia R. Greer

Submissions from 2016

Flight-Test Evaluation Of Kinematic Precise Point Positioning Of Small Uavs, Jason Gross, Ryan Watson, Stéphane D'Urso, and Yu Gu

Autonomous Close Formation Flight Control With Fixed Wing And Quadrotor Test Beds, Caleb Rice, Yu Gu, Haiyang Chao, Trenton Larrabee, Srikanth Gururajan, Marcello Napolitano, Tanmay Mandal, and Matthew Rhudy

Submissions from 2015


Optical spin readout method in a quantum dot using the ac Stark effect, Edward B. Flagg and Glenn S. Solomon

Submissions from 2014


Friction Characteristics Of Confined Inflatable Structures, Eduardo M. Sosa, Gregory J. Thompson, Ever J. Barbero, Subhadeep Ghosh, and Kevin L. Peil

Submissions from 2013


Plasmon-Induced Photonic And Energy-Transfer Enhancement Of Solar Water Splitting By A Hematite Nanorod Array, Jiangtian Li, Scott K. Cushing, Peng Zheng, Fanke Meng, Deryn Chu, and Nianqiang Wu


Quasi-Steady Stages In The Process Of Premixed Flame Acceleration In Narrow Channels, D. M. Valiev, V. Bychkov, V. Akkerman, L.-E. Eriksson, and C. K. Law

Submissions from 2011


Simulations of a Circulating Fluidized Bed Chemical Looping Combustion System Utilizing Gaseous Fuel, K. Mahalatkar, J. Kuhlman, E.D. Huckaby, and T. O’Brien

Submissions from 2008


Criteria for ductility in Cr alloys based on electronic structures, Ning Ma, Bernard R. Cooper, James P. Lewis, and Bruce S. Kang

Submissions from 2006


Tight-binding study of thermal expansions for Mo3Si, Ning Ma, Bernard R. Cooper, and Bruce S. Kang

Submissions from 2005


Long-term testing of trenchless pipe liners, Ever Barbero and Shalini Rangarajan