Submissions from 1999


Camp-Induced Phosphorylation And Inhibition Of Na + /H + Exchanger 3 (Nhe3) Are Dependent On The Presence But Not The Phosphorylation Of Nhe Regulatory Factor, Mirza Zizak, Georg Lamprecht, Deborah Steplock, Nadeem Tariq, Shirish Shenolikar, Mark Donowitz, C. H. Chris Yun, and Edward J. Weinman

Submissions from 1997


Antisense Inhibition Of Silica-Induced Tumor Necrosis Factor In Alveolar Macrophages, Yon Rojanasakul, David N. Weissman, Xianglin Shi, Vincent Castranova, Joseph K. H. Ma, and Weiwen Liang