Submissions from 2016

Prenatal and Early Postnatal Exposure to Cigarette Smoke Decreases BDNF/TrkB Signaling and Increases Abnormal Behaviors Later in Life, Lan Xiao, Vincent L. Kish, Katherine M. Benders, and Zhong-Xin Wu

Submissions from 2015

By The Sound Of It. An Erp Investigation Of Human Action Sound Processing In 7-Month-Old Infants, Elena Geangu, Ermanno Quadrelli, James W. Lewis, Viola Macchi Cassia, and Chiara Turati


Role Of Sigma-1 Receptors In Neurodegenerative Diseases, Linda Nguyen, Brandon P. Lucke-Wold, Shona A. Mookerjee, John Z. Cavendish, Matthew J. Robson, Anna L. Scandinaro, and Rae R. Matsumoto

Submissions from 2014


The Phosphodiesterase-4 Inhibitor Rolipram Attenuates Heroin-Seeking Behavior Induced By Cues Or Heroin Priming In Rats, Miaojun Lai, Huaqiang Zhu, Anna Sun, Dingding Zhuang, Dan Fu, Weisheng Chen, Han-Ting Zhang, and Wenhua Zhou

Submissions from 2007


Identification Of A Novel Domain At The N Terminus Of Caveolin-1 That Controls Rear Polarization Of The Protein And Caveolae Formation, Xing-Hui Sun, Daniel C. Flynn, Vincent Castranova, Lyndell L. Millecchia, Andrew R. Beardsley, and Jun Liu

Submissions from 2005


Loss Of Caveolin-1 Polarity Impedes Endothelial Cell Polarization And Directional Movement, Andrew Beardsley, Kai Fang, Heather Mertz, Vince Castranova, Sherri Friend, and Jun Liu

Submissions from 2002


Caveolin-1 Expression Enhances Endothelial Capillary Tubule Formation, Jun Liu, Xiao Bo Wang, David S. Park, and Michael P. Lisanti

Submissions from 2001


Agonist Regulation Of D2 Dopamine Receptor/G Protein Interaction Evidence For Agonist Selection Of G Protein Subtype, Y Cordeaux, S A Nickolls, L A Flood, S G Graber, and P G Strange

Submissions from 1999


Camp-Induced Phosphorylation And Inhibition Of Na + /H + Exchanger 3 (Nhe3) Are Dependent On The Presence But Not The Phosphorylation Of Nhe Regulatory Factor, Mirza Zizak, Georg Lamprecht, Deborah Steplock, Nadeem Tariq, Shirish Shenolikar, Mark Donowitz, C. H. Chris Yun, and Edward J. Weinman

Submissions from 1997


Molecular Determinants Of Selectivity In 5-Hydroxytryptamine 1B Receptor-G Protein Interactions, Hyunsu Bae, Kristin Anderson, Lori A. Flood, Nikolai P. Skiba, Heidi E. Hamm, and Stephen G. Graber

Submissions from 1996


Inactivation Of Raf-1 By A Protein-Tyrosine Phosphatase Stimulated By Gtp And Reconstituted By G Subunits, Paul Dent, Dean B. Reardon, Steven L. Wood, Margaret A. Lindorfer, Stephen G. Graber, James C. Garrison, David L. Brautigan, and Thomas W. Sturgill

Submissions from 1990


Z-DNA formation in the rat growth hormone gene promoter region, M. THOMAS, T. FREELAND, and J. STROBL

Submissions from 1982


Direct Evidence Against A Role Of Atp As The Nonadrenergic, Noncholinergic Inhibitory Neurotransmitter In Guinea Pig Tenia Coli, DP Westfall, GK Hogaboom, J Colby, JP O'Donnell, and JS Fedan