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Because of the number and complexity of the issues that will determine the use of coal by the electric-generating plants, an important asset of policy makers will be the availability of a method of analysis that allows for quick studies of many different combinations of assumptions and policies. The present prototype study is designed to show how the multiregional input-output model can be used to investigate each different assumption and policy alternative. For this paper, the analysis has necessarily been restricted to two issues. First, the results of using regional rather than national technologies in the model are assessed. This part of the analysis clearly shows the importance of conducting regional, rather than national, studies of energy and transportation, providing insight into the extent of regional and industrial repercussions that can be anticipated if significant changes occur either in the different technologies currently being used to generate electricity or in the regional mix of the present technologies. Second, the results of altering trade coefficients are examined. This part of the analysis shows the importance of considering changes in shipping origins and destinations for coal and also shows the regional and industrial impacts that can be expected if a significant quantity of the total coal used is mined west of the Mississippi.