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This report documents the development of state-level input-output models for Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Oregon and the augmentation of the national input-output model that was developed previously for the project Valuing Domestically Produced Natural Gas and Oil. The state IO models were developed to assess the economic impacts of expenditures, employment, and research and development awards at the NETL sites located in Pittsburgh, PA, Morgantown, WV, and Albany, OR. The national IO model was developed to assess the economic impacts of NETL site expenditures, awards, and employment at the national level.


This report was prepared by Research and Development Solutions, LLC (RDS) for the United States Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory. This work was completed under DOE NETL Contract Number DE-AM26-04NT41817. This work was performed under RDS Subtask 41817-402.01.03.