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The Marcellus Shale Energy and Environmental Laboratory, or MSEEL is the nation’s first integrated research initiative on shale gas drilling. An experimental hydraulic fracturing gas well is the centerpiece of the MSEEL project, "which West Virginia University launched in fall 2014 in partnership with Northeast Natural Energy, the National Energy Technology Laboratory of the U.S. Department of Energy and Ohio State University. The five-year, $11 million project is the first-ever long-term, comprehensive field study of shale gas resources in which scientists will study the process from beginning-to-end.1 ” Because one dimension of the MSEEL analysis is the economic impacts and implications of well-drilling activity, this report has been prepared to provide a statistical overview and description of the local and regional economies leading up to the initiation of the MSEEL project, and to set the stage generally for subsequent socioeconomic analyses. The report includes various graphs and tables that describe the local economy during the 2001 to 2014 period, providing a context within which to view the role of gas extraction activities in the economy.


RRI Resource Doc 2017-01