Submissions from 2015


On Semi-Supervised Linear Regression in Covariate Shift Problems, Kenneth Joseph Ryan and Mark Vere Culp

Submissions from 2013


Joint Harmonic Functions and Their Supervised Connections, Mark Vere Culp and Kenneth Joseph Ryan


An empirical Bayesian analysis applied to the globular cluster pulsar population, P. J. Turk and D. R. Lorimer

Submissions from 2011


Young Radio Pulsars In Galactic Globular Clusters, J. Boyles, D. R. Lorimer, P. J. Turk, R. Mnatsakanov, R. S. Lynch, S. M. Ransom, P. C. Freire, and K. Belczynski

k-Nearest Neighbor Based Consistent Entropy Estimation for Hyperspherical Distributions, Shengqiao Li, Robert M. Mnatsakanov, and Michael E. Andrew

Submissions from 2010

Nearest Neighbor Estimates of Entropy for Multivariate Circular Distributions, Neeraj Misra, Harshinder Singh, and Vladimir Hnizdo

Submissions from 2008


Is Clear Lake Methylmercury Distribution Decoupled From Bulk Mercury Loading, Thomas H. Suchanek, Collin A. Eagles-Smith, and E. James Harner