Submissions from 2020


2020 EMS-LateRecruitmentWebinar 10212019 -PDF, EAB Enrollment Services


2020 RNL Parent Engagement Webinar 3 2020, Ruffalo Noel Levitz

2020 Academic Advising Survey Results, University Relations

2020 Campus Tour Study, University Relations

2020 College Recruiters Survey_FINAL_03.02.20, University Relations

2020 Key Communicators Survey_FINAL.02.21.20, University Relations

2020 Old Gold New Blue Ambassadors Survey Results, University Relations

2020 Parents of Current and Prospective Students and COVID-19, University Relations

2020 Parents of Current and Prospective Students and COVID-19, University Relations

2020 School of Public Health Faculty & Staff Survey Results, University Relations

2020 Social Media Managers and Mental Health, University Relations

2020 Virtual Decide WVU, University Relations

2020 Virtual Decide WVU Day_FINAL.04.14.20, University Relations

2020 Virtual Junior Preview_FINAL.04.17.20, University Relations

2020 West Virginia University Potomac State College Brand Equity Study, University Relations

2020 West Virginia University School of Nursing Communication survey: Student Survey Results, University Relations

2020 WVU Magazine Readership Survey Results, University Relations

2020 WVU Transfer Students: Exploring Research, University Relations

Submissions from 2019


2019 Ruffalo Noel Levitz_Reduce Summer Melt w/ Gen Z Peer Influence_03.19, Ruffalo Noel Levitz

2019 Bystander Awareness Campaign, University Relations

2019 Charlotte-Raleigh-Durrham Focus Group_FINAL.09.24.19, University Relations

2019 College Campus Visits_FINAL_09.13.19, University Relations

2019 Feb. Distinguished Scholar Survey Results_FINAL.02.25.19, University Relations

2019 Maryland Counties Focus Group_FINAL.04.17.19, University Relations

2019 Morgantown Focus Group Report_FINAL_.04.10.19, University Relations

2019 New Jersey Counselor Survey Results_FINAL_02.27.19, University Relations

2019 Non-matriculating Transfer Students_FINAL.10.19.19, University Relations

2019 Sustainability Staff_FINAL.12.18.19, University Relations

2019 Sustainability Study_Students_FINAL.11.13.19, University Relations

2019 Sustainability Survey: Student Responses, University Relations

2019 Sustanabiity Survey: Staff Responses, University Relations

2019 Welcome Week Report_FINAL.09.12.19, University Relations

Submissions from 2018


2018 Noel Levitz_How to Recruit First Generation Students, Noel Levitz


2018_Noel Levitz_National_Student_Satisfaction_Report_EM-031, Noel Levitz


2018 Noel Levitz - Time to Throw Away Your Communication Plan_Jan., Noel Levitz

2018 Davis College Communications Survey Results_Faculty and Staff_FINAL.10.19.18, University Relations

2018 Davis College Communications Survey Results_Faculty_FINAL, University Relations

2018 Distinguished Scholar Survey Results_FINAL.12.13.18, University Relations

2018 Parents Focus Group re College Knowledge_FINAL_10.09.18, University Relations

2018 Student Veteran Survey Results_FINAL_10.25.18, University Relations


2018 WVU Pricing Study 2018_Ruffalo Noel Levitz, University Relations

Submissions from 2017


2017 e-Expectations Infographic_How to engage high school students and parents online_Sept., e-Expectations


2017 The Gen Z Report_Ologie_Jan., Ologie


2017 RNL_Student_Journey_WhitePaper_11.17, Ruffalo Noel Levitz


2017 Generation Z_April '17, University of Cincinnati

2017 Decide WVU Days_March 25_FINAL.04.03.17, University Relations

2017 Discover WVU Report_FINAL_10.27.17, University Relations

2017 First Generation Freshmen Focus Group Report_FINAL.05.17.17, University Relations

2017 Intern'l Undergraduate Student Acculturation Report_FINAL_02.23.17, University Relations

2017 Mountaineer Style Trunk Show_FINAL.09.05.17, University Relations

2017 Parents Communication Survey FINAL.02.15.16, University Relations

2017 Pennsylvania Freshmen Focus Group Report_FINAL.12.20.17, University Relations

2017 Student Housing_Parents_FINAL_ 06.01.17, University Relations

2017 University Apartments Brand Survey Results_FINAL_08.25.17, University Relations

2017 WVU Viewbook Survey Results_FINAL.10.26.17, University Relations

Submissions from 2016


2016_E_Expectations_Trend_Report_Examining Transitions from Junior to Senior Year, e-Expecatations


2016 Intl-Student-Insights-2016-FPP-Intead-Research, FPPEDUMedia

2016 Decide WVU Days Survey_April 2_FINAL.04.18.16, University Relations

2016 International Student Acculturation Report.12.22.16, University Relations

2016 School Of Nursing Alumni Communications Survey_FINAL. 08.02.16, University Relations

2016 Student Literacy Report_The Faculty_FINAL 05.16.16, University Relations

2016 Texas Student Focus Group Report_FINAL 10 17 16, University Relations

2016 WVU Lifetime Activities Report Final.02.26.16, University Relations

2016 WVU Magazine Study_FINAL_01.25.17, University Relations

Submissions from 2015


2015 West Virginia Non-Resident Pricing Study_Scott Bodfish, Scott Bodfish


2015_International_Eexpectations, e-Expecations


2015_eexpectations-What 10 Years of Research Has Taught Us About College E-Recruitment, e-Expectations


2015 MythbustingAdmissions_WhitePaper, mStoner


2015 MythbustingAdmissions_WhitePaper, Noel Levitz


2015_National_Freshman_Atttitudes_Report (Noel Levitz), Noel Levitz

2015 Davis College Brand Study_Alumni Report. 07.07.15, University Relations

2015 Davis College Brand Study_Current Students.10.12.15, University Relations

2015 Internal Communication Survey Results FINAL.09.29.15, University Relations

Submissions from 2014


2014 GallupPurdueIndex_Report, Gallup


2014 Trends-in-Higher-Education-Marketing-Recruitment-and-Technology, Hanover Research


2014 WVU-001 R2_Presentation_Projection_Ologie, Ologie


2014 AI_Rankings_Report_2014-West-Virginia-University(1), U.S. News & World Report


2014 West Virginia University Topline with Open-Ends.F(3), Widmeyer

2014 WidmeyerWVUAlumniFindings, Widmeyer


2014 WVU Brand Perception Survey Questionnaire_draft 10-1, Widmeyer


2014 WVU Competitive Assessment_Admission site/communication_Widmeyer, Widmeyer


2014 WVU Focus Group Top of Mind Focus Group Results_Widmeyer, Widmeyer


2014 WVU Rebranding Research Phase One Findings F, Widmeyer

Submissions from 2013


2013 WVU Admitted Student Questionnaire and Survey Results, Applied Educational Research


2013 College Bound Market Update for WVU_Eduventures, Eduventures


2013 Parents as Partners_Eduventures, Eduventures


2013 Survey of Admitted Students-WVU-Appendix, Eduventures


2013 Survey of Admitted Students-WVU-Full Report, Eduventures


2013 Prospective Students and the College Decision Process_LHI, Lipman Hearne


2013_5_Principles_Student_Direct_Marketing_2013, Noel Levitz

2013 Non-Resident Study marketing slides_Noel Levitz, Noel Levitz

2013 Additional Testing Data for States, University Relations


2013 Admitted vs. Non-Admitted Importance_Performance Scores, University Relations


2013 WVU Magazine Survey_Widmeyer, Widmeyer