West Virginia Law Review

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A Comparative Study of Miners' Training and Supervisory Certification in the Coal Mines of Great Britain, the Federal Republic of Germany, Poland, Romania, France, Australia and the United States: The Case for Federal Certification of Supervisors and Increased Training of Miners


The training of coal miners and their supervisors has long been recognized as an essential element for reducing the incidents of injuries and deaths in the mines. This article will address the topic of training and certification of miners and supervisors in American coal mines as compared to the training and certification requirements and programs of the United Kingdom, the Federal Republic of Germany, France, Romania, Poland, and Australia. Following a brief description of each country's coal mining industry, that country's training and certification program will be analyzed and compared with regard to the particular subjects of: (1) new miner training, (2) training of miners for a new skilled job, (3) annual refresher training, and (4) training, qualifications, and certification of supervisors.