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In County-level CIE Supply Chain Analysis, the second of five parts of n Economic Analysis of the Appalachian Coal Industry Ecosystem posted to the Commission’s website in January of 2018, we developed a set of metrics that were used to provide insights on the past and future supply chain implications of long-term coal industry decline in Appalachia.[1] These metrics were used to identify counties that have been heavily impacted by the decline of the coal industry, those that remain dependent on the coal industry ecosystem (CIE), and among the dependent counties, those that are at greatest risk of further impact. This document reports the results of further descriptive analysis aimed at more detailed descriptions of employment trends and conditions in the 420 counties that form the Appalachian Region (the Region). Shift-share analyses for all counties, micropolitan regions, and metropolitan regions are reported in supplemental documents accompanying a project overview document.


This report was prepared for the Appalachian Regional Commission under contract PW-19667-19