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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Sergiy Yakovenko

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Victor Mucino

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Gregory Thompson


Prosthetic limbs have aided in the restoration of both cosmetic and functional capabilities of the human hand; however, structural and control limitations hinder widespread adoption. One example of these limitations addressed in this study is the lack of wrist degrees of freedom (DOF) in robotic hands. Using the mechanical model-driven design, I developed a hand with cable-driven actuation of fingers and direct actuation of the wrist pronation-supination and flexion-extension DOFs. An inverse dynamic simulation determined torque requirements in common tasks manipulating a 1 kg mass with rotational speeds up to 60 deg/s, setting a minimum limitation of 0.76 Nm on the wrist servomotors. The performance of the manufactured robotic hand was validated using motion capture. Kinematic errors were 19 deg on average with the best and worst values spanning 2 to 55 deg (thumb CMC and third digit PIP DOFs, respectively). The execution delays computed with the cross-correlation of the command-movement relationship were 200 to 400 ms in 6 DOF movements. This performance was appropriate for the functional use of the device and serves as the framework for testing future controller designs.