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Chamber music pedagogy is an area that is crucial to a comprehensive music education. There is no manual when it comes to chamber music rehearsal or coaching techniques. Many of the great quartets have biographies written on them, yet few shed light on how the quartet handled the problem-solving processes used during rehearsal. This could be due to the longstanding tradition of string quartet education which uses a coach or leader who shares their wisdom and techniques, often as they had learned as young chamber musicians. Without this guidance, young quartets (and sometimes coaches) often have few ideas of how to operate and rehearse on their own. This document will present new/varied rehearsal techniques for students and teachers to incorporate into their rehearsal and coaching spaces specifically at the intermediate-level. It is my hope that this document will supplement the string quartet traditions and be an addition to chamber music pedagogy. Finally, this research will increase the number of resources available for educators, chamber musicians, and performers.