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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

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Ramana Reddy.


Workflow involves the automation of a business process in whole or part with movement of information and tasks between parties according to a set of rules. The ubiquitous nature of the Internet and WWW prompts us to investigate how these entities can be fully exploited to improve the efficiency of any workflow process in a reliable, secure fashion.;This research effort alms to investigate the utility of the internet and specifically the WWW in providing a substrate for complex workflow and to demonstrate that workflow with a high degree of automation and ability to interface with disparate data sources can be conducted in a reliable, secure fashion with synchronous and asynchronous communication between mobile participants.;Paper based administrative workflow in healthcare has been automated to validate the claims made in this thesis. Web pages substitute paper forms and information needed is obtained from disparate data sources. Information is transferred across the Internet is using strict security protocols and communication is supported with the help of messaging. Users are not tied to any system and are mobile. Automation techniques decrease manual effort, minimize errors and improve the overall efficiency of the workflow process.