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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Mridul Gautam.


A novel portable particulate matter measuring system was designed, developed and qualified. The heavy-duty engine Federal Test Procedure (FTP) requires the use of a full-flow tunnel to measure particulate emissions from diesel fueled engines. However, a full-flow tunnel based constant volume sampler (CVS) system is not only expensive to build and maintain, it also requires a large work space. The portable micro-dilution system that could be used for measuring on-board, in-use emissions from heavy-duty vehicles would cost significantly less. The micro-dilution tunnel operates on the same principle as a full-flow dilution tunnel. The added advantage of the proposed design is that unlike a full-flow tunnel, dilution ratios can be controlled very accurately. Dilution ratios were determined by measuring the mass flow rates of the dilution air and dilute exhaust, and the difference of the two was equal to the raw exhaust mass flow rate. The design incorporates a novel (3.175 mm in diameter, and 0.254 m long) concentric stainless dilution tunnel, which was a porous stack sampler manufactured by Mott Corporation. The system was used to collect PM emissions data from two different engines, namely, Navistar T444E and Detroit Diesel Series 60. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).