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Abhik Roy, Ph.D.

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Lee Ann Miller, Ed.D.

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D. Jake Follmer, Ph.D.


Background: The Interprofessional Education (IPE) First-Year Program was started at the West Virginia University Health Sciences Center in 2013 with the goal of providing participants introductory knowledge of the IPE Core Competencies as defined by the Interprofessional Education Collaborative (IPEC). This program transfers 16 different disciplines out of their isolated educational silos and allows them to learn about, for, and with one another. Participants are introduced to foundational knowledge through several didactic sessions over the course of an academic year. Although the program has been increasingly incorporated by many health sciences disciplines since its inception, it has never officially undergone a formal program evaluation.

Methods: A survey was developed based on feedback from stakeholders of the program and distributed via email to all participants who had completed the program between 2018-2022. Stakeholders identified three areas of focus for the program evaluation, including illustration of the IPEC Core Competencies, networking opportunities, and practical application.

Results: Survey responses indicated that the IPEC Core Competencies were being illustrated during the program, on average, most of the time. 42% of respondents recalled applying something they learned during the program to clinical practice. Participants reported a gambit of opinions when it comes to networking. The results of the quantitative survey item regarding networking were ultimately inconclusive.

Conclusions: The program had satisfactorily illustrated the IPEC Core Competencies. Areas of improvement may include how participants can apply what they have learned during the program to clinical practice. Networking opportunities should also be examined further.

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