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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Deregulation of electric utilities has led to consideration of new distributed resources (DRs) such as wind turbines. The DR dynamics have to be studied carefully to avoid unpredictable outputs and unknown interferences as well as to make sure that consistent and efficient power is supplied according to the load requirements.;The objective of this thesis is to make a contribution to the ongoing wind turbine research in the areas of modeling, control and implementation of wind turbines as DRs in deregulated electric power systems. A model of complete open-loop wind turbine system consisting of a rotor, a gearbox and a three-phase ac generator was developed, and it was used as a basis for the design of a controller for the wind turbine. The wind turbine (rotor and gearbox) transfer function was derived and its performance was studied using the MATLAB Program. The electric generator was modeled using the synchronous generator model in the MATLAB Power System Blockset. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).