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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Agricultural & Extension Education

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Layle D. Lawrence

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Harry N. Boone.


The purpose of the study was to examine the self-perceived potential benefits and/or problems of part-time employment on the job performance of secondary teachers of Agricultural Education. The population consisted of 108 agricultural educators who held teaching positions during the 2000--2001 school year in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky and were employed within a 150-mile radius of Ripley, West Virginia. A descriptive research design was used for the study. There have been no studies conducted as to the number of agricultural educators involved in part-time employment and to what extent they are involved. Many have questioned the feasibility of a teacher performing their duties while moonlighting. A major finding of the research was that there are strong feelings as to the benefits and problems associated with these activities and that over 50% of agricultural teachers were involved in some kind of part-time employment. Hands-on education has always been a cornerstone of the total agricultural program. Agricultural educators are experiencing benefits, as well as problems, associated with this personal "hands-on" approach to educating students.