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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Industrial and Managements Systems Engineering

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B. Gopalakrishnan.


It would be extremely beneficial if more energy analysis and research is done in wood manufactring (SIC 24). This thesis and research work is concerned with the energy analysis and diagnostics in wood manufacturing industry in West Virginia. This work involves actually conducting site assessments at several lumber and wood manufacturing plants in West Virginia. Using the collected data, we determined energy conservation opportunities and made recommendations. It is important that manufacturers understand the potential for these assessment recommendations with respect to the parameters governing them. Research emphasis is on the demand side management. We found that demand charge plays a crucial role in the total energy charges for this industry. An exhaustive utility bill analysis was performed followed by a sensitivity analysis for demand reduction. Instantaneous motor load test are carried out to determine the load factor of the motors using a digital stroboscope. After motors are identified as suitable candidates for downsizing, an extensive analysis of the motor replacement decision is performed using the Motor Master + software. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).