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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

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Matthew C. Valenti

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Ali Feliachi


Deregulation of the power industry has occurred at a rapid pace, opening some promising competition between suppliers. The result of this competition should be to the benefit of customers.;Telecommunication plays a crucial role in integrating systems and ensuring smooth operation by way of exchanging data and information between various systems that are responsible for monitoring and control of the grid. For example, a Power System Stabilizer (PSS) controller could be placed at one of the generators and requires remote measurements. All the communication schemes within the network generate delays that are characterized in this project using OPNET Modeler. OPNET Modeler is also used to characterize the number of dropped packets.;As a case study, we consider a two-area four-generator (2A4G) and explore the role of communication delay on system stability. Those delays play an important role in the design of a controller that can help the damping of electro-mechanical oscillations between interconnected synchronous generators and therefore maintain the system stability. The network statistics are then imported into Simulink in order to visualize the speed of the shaft w2 as a function of time. Additional communication options to the inter-area oscillation problem are offered at the end of the thesis (use of Virtual Private Network (VPN), use of fiber optic dedicated network, or the use of IPv6 protocol).