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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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John P. Zaniewski.


The purpose of this research was to evaluate design parameters for 4.75 mm nominal maximum aggregate size mixes, NMAS, in West Virginia. This research was divided in two phases. During Phase I, evaluation of Superpave criteria for 4.75 mm LAMAS mixes, a variety of 4.75 mm NMAS limestone mixes were developed following Superpave methodology for low traffic volume. In Phase II, natural sand evaluation for 4.75 mm mixes; three approved Marshall designs were obtained from the WVDOT. Two of the mixes contained natural sand and the other was a 100 percent limestone mix. The Marshall mix designs were verified and then redesigned using Superpave methodology for low volume traffic. Comparison between Marshall and Superpave mixes was performed. Additionally the Asphalt Pavement Analyzer, APA, was used to evaluate rutting performance of the Superpave mixes during both phases.;Based on the results of these evaluations, recommendations for Superpave mix design parameters for 4.75 mm NMAS mixes were developed. These recommendations allow the WVDOH to use Superpave in lieu of the current Marshall Wearing III mix. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).