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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Bruce Kang.


Preliminary comparative wearing tests were conducted on wearguard bearing system against CF3M (casting version of 316L steel), with tungsten carbide laser clad coating, at 30% and 50% production line tension. Tests were also conducted on Stellite 6 against Tribaloy T 400 at 50% production line tension. For each test, periodic measurements of wearing rate, surface microstructure and surface hardness were carried out. An unique dross build-up setup which consists of two sleeves counter rotating against each other was designed to simulate the dross build-up in production line. The chemical composition of the dross material formed and change in sleeve microstructures were analyzed using SEM and EDX.;Microstructural analysis of the CF3M test sleeve revealed that (1) tungsten carbide bearing sleeve-wearing, was mainly due to abrasive wear, (2) ceramic inserts experienced abrasive wear and (3) the existence of intermetallic dross particles formed on the bearing sleeve surface. Microstructural analysis of the Stellite 6 test sleeve revealed that (1) wearing was due to abrasive wear and corrosive wear and (2) the sleeve reacted with zinc bath to form intermetallic compounds.