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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Landscape Architecture

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Peter Butler

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Peter Butler

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Angela Campbell

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Hodjat Ghadimi


This project applies the concepts of industrial ecology and recreational gateway development to the redesign of an existing industrial park - Mountain Top Industrial Park in Grant County, West Virginia. The location of the existing industrial park, in close proximity to the CSX railroad and the future Corridor H expressway corridor, lends itself to eco-industrial development and may function as a touristic gateway to the region. The site is at the center of an `energy' complex: Mount Storm Power Plant and former surface mines. Extractive industries and energy production will be a theme within the design project. An Eco-Industrial Park model will be applied in looking to a sustainable energy future for the site and the region. The result of this investigation is a new, common sense, approach to industrial park development that combines economic growth and environmental protection. Eco-Industrial parks make use of the raw material of industry and look to developing local industries to create a web of reuse and recycling of the waste products generated by existing facilities. Examples of potential materials for reuse include biomass from timber operations, waste from coal power plants, and agricultural wastes from regional cultivated fields.