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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Jacky C. Prucz.


A closed form model of a double lap bonded joint based on the Hart-Smith Model is considered. An extensional link is added to the inner adherend in order to minimize the magnitude of the shear distribution in the adhesive along the overlap length and equations are formulated for this new model. Various parametric studies are performed on the closed form model to observe their effect on the behavior of the shear stress distribution in the adhesive. Overlap length, stiffness of the extensional link, thickness of the adhesive and stiffness of the adherends are varied in the parametric study.;A 2D finite element model is built using ANSYS 6.1 and is validated by the closed form model. The finite element model thus validated can be used for any complex geometry of the adherends and adhesive. The outer adherends that are tapered at an angle 45° and a spew fillet inclusion in the adhesive are the two main types of joint configurations that are considered in the parametric studies of the finite element model. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).