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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Ever J. Barbero.


Composite materials are widely used due to their low weight, long durability and the ability to tailor their properties to specific design requirements. Their wide range of applications requires a solid understanding of their behavior under different load conditions. The calculations needed for efficient and accurate design of composites could be exhaustive and time consuming. Therefore an efficient computer program which would facilitate effective design becomes a key factor to supporting commercial use of composite materials.;A portable software tool was developed in Java programming environment for design analysis of composite materials. This software tool is superior to its predecessor, the Computer Aided Design Environment for Composite software (CADEC). The Java software is an exact replica of the CADEC software, which is written in Toolbook. The only major difference is that the new program is rewritten in a portable language. The software imposes no restrictions on the accessibility or the usability of this tool. The software can be accessed via internet and it can be run on any operation system as long as a Java enabled browser is available. The software tool has been evaluated using the example problems taken from the text book "Introduction to Composite Materials Design" written by Dr. Ever J. Barbero. The results obtained by using the new tool are sufficiently close to the text book results.