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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

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Roy S. Nutter, Jr.


A WVU team of engineers designed and built a palletized system that will be used to deploy surveillance sensors from a C-130 cargo airplane. There will be two pallets, one that will house the Operator Station and one that will carry a mechanical arm with a Sensor Pod, where the sensors will reside. This pallet will be placed on the C-130 rear door, which will be opened while in flight. The mechanical arm is designed to rotate the Sensor Pod underneath the door so the sensors can observe the ground.;Computer/Electrical engineers were asked to design the control circuit for the Sensor Pallet, providing the user with a user interface to control deployment of the mechanical arm and Sensor Pod. The mechanical arm should also be deployable in an automated process, controlled by a computerized system. They were also responsible for designing the circuit to provide power to the system, interfacing with the power generated on the C-130 cargo airplane.;The thesis "Control System Design for a C-130 Ro-Ro Sensor Deployment Platform" details the power distribution circuit design, the control circuit design and the design of the automated process program.