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College of Creative Arts



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Sergio Soave.


How do I see, how do I interpret what I am seeing, what is seeing? How do I perceive the space and objects that surround me, how do I understand space? What is an image and what do I see in it? Is my vision like an image? How do I see what an image sees, how do I relate to an image in my space and how does it perceive me? How does an image signify? What are different representations in an image, of an image? What is seeing, what is vision, what is the visual experience?;The thesis exhibition presents the work in the form of an installation, in order to manifest understanding of the present state of our collective visual consciousness. Through the survey of historical studies of visual experience, specifically the development of the representational image, its invention through the early discovery of perspective, later photography, and even later film. This thesis presents our contemporary vision to be in a state of consciousness divided between subjective and bodily understanding, time-based experience of the actually present space, and the representational, external, and inherently absent reality. The work takes representation back into itself in order to offer the viewer an experience that manifests the contemporary structure of visual experience, both representational, as well as of the actual, and shows that the two impact, shape and form each other without being able to clearly distinguish themselves apart.