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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Civil and Environmental Engineering

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John P. Zaniewski.


The objective of this research project is to evaluate impact of change in AASHTO T 283 test method on Superpave mix designs in West Virginia. The Lottman test method and Tunnicliff and Root test method were combined into Modified Lottman test procedure and published as AASHTO T 283 in 1985 and revised in 1989. Research was done to establish how the Superpave compaction and conditioning method affect the test results. As a result of this research, AASHTO T 283 test method was revised in 2003. In the 2003 version, use of gyratory compactor was allowed and changes were made to sample preparation, air void tolerance level, sample conditioning method, and method of testing samples. The major change was a mandatory freeze-thaw cycle to condition samples.;This research examined the application of the current AASHTO T 283 applied to West Virginia mixes. It was concluded that this is not a reliable test method for moisture sensitivity. The 2003 version of the test does not improve the ability of the test to identify moisture sensitive mixes. (Abstract shortened by UMI.).