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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Mridul Gautam.


The objective of this study was to design, develop and qualify the Compact Mobile Emissions Measurement System (CMEMS) for real-time on-board measurement of exhaust emissions from heavy-duty diesel vehicles. This study was aimed at developing a system more compact and lighter with respect to the existing Mobile Emissions Measurement System (MEMS), so that the entire system could be mounted on the tail pipe of the test vehicle in order to reduce installation time, power requirements and manpower requirements. This was achieved by judicious selection of commercially available compact solid-state gas analyzers, and development of a sampling system which was significantly smaller than the existing system in the MEMS. Accuracy, linearity, repeatability, interference and response time tests were conducted on all analyzers and components of the sampling system. Pressure and flow rate variation, vibration and inclination tests were also conducted to qualify the system for harsh on-board conditions. Components of the sampling system were selected based on several criteria, such as size, weight, power consumption, robustness and cost. After complete integration, the system was tested on the tail pipe of a Ford F450 Pick-up truck and also in an engine laboratory on a DDC series 60 engine to document the system's performance against the MEMS and the laboratory. On a concentration basis, the CMEMS reported a maximum percentage difference of 5.18% for NO x and 3.10% for CO2 against the MEMS in two on-road tests, which were conducted on a Ford F450 pick-up truck. In addition, the CMEMS also reported a difference of 2.36% for NOx and 2.69% for CO 2 measured on the g/s basis against laboratory grade analyzers on seven FTP runs on a 1992 DDC series 60 engine. Differences of 1.87% for NO x and 1.51% for CO2 were reported on the g/s basis against the laboratory grade analyzers when the series 60 engine was exercised on a simulated on-road cycle.