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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

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Larry E. Banta.


With the growing interest in developing a system capable of monitoring the health of an underground structure, the research and design of such a system is a logical step. The objective of the research performed was to take that step and develop a system capable of monitoring the health of an underground structure. In order to initiate the process, requirements of the system or network to be developed were set so that the research and design would have some guidance.;The research that followed from the requirements led to the selection of a wireless network which utilizes the Zigbee protocol. Various vendors offering hardware which makes use of the selected Zigbee technology were then researched. Crossbow was selected as the most suitable vendor and components for the network were purchased. Following the acquisition of the hardware, a range test, power consumption test, and a data latency test were performed as design tests. An alarm test, topology test, calibration processes, and a small scale demonstration were also performed, but were treated as system verification tests.;The overall scope of this research was accomplished. A wireless sensor network was successfully designed and validated through testing of the network characteristics and components.