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Reed College of Media


Reed College of Media

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Hongmin Ahn

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Rita Colistra

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Diana Martinelli


While many scholars have examined the relationships between public policies and advertising, few have studied such relationships in Latin America. This study explores how the limitations on foreign exchange transactions in Argentina affect the advertising strategies implemented by luxury brand advertising. A content analysis of 398 luxury brand ads placed in fashion magazines in Argentina was conducted to investigate changes in the luxury ads in the wake of the currency and import restrictions in Argentina. The analysis indicates that, during the restrictions, ads were less likely to convey strong emotional messages than before. Also, the result suggests that the creative strategies leaned to a more sober and simple approach during the restrictions era. Furthermore, the findings suggest that upon the restrictions implementations, ads used different visual cues as a way to engage the consumer and evoke stronger exclusivity, luxury, and global feelings. The results of the study confirm that changes in economic status serve as considerable factors wherein advertising has been transformed, as advertising has long been considered a mirror of the society.