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James Miltenberger.


Piano duet playing is a unique type of performing because it is the only musical experience where two people play music written for a single instrument. Duet playing offers not only joy and fun in music making with a partner, but also provides substantial instructional benefits at all levels. Duet playing is especially valuable for young pianists because it helps them develop basic musicianship and ensemble skills at an earlier level. Teachers should recognize the importance of teaching piano duets to elementary and intermediate piano students.;The present study investigates ways to help late-elementary and intermediate students master intermediate-level technical and musical skills through the study and performance of piano duets. This study provides a pedagogical guide that presents suggestions for teaching specific intermediate-level technical and musical skills through the study of selected late-elementary and intermediate duet pieces and passages. Specific technical and musical skills such as rhythm, ensemble, articulation, dynamics, style, balance, pedaling, signaling, hand and body positions, and sight-reading are discussed from a pedagogical point of view. Specific duet pieces and passages are chosen and discussed in order to exemplify how to teach these skills. In addition, suggestions for proper pairing of students are discussed.