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College of Education and Human Services


Learning Sciences and Human Development

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John G. Wells.


The purpose of this study was to analyze multiple media as instructional technologies used to enhance interactivity in a web-based environment and to illustrate the potential for improved learning with interactive multimedia. This study identified instructional media that teachers use, the level of engagement with the media, and determined that there was a correlation between the types and use of instructional media and cognitive level of learning.;Research shows that web-based instruction has the ability to engage learners in real-world tasks. This type of authentic learning has the potential to promote higher order thinking provided students are properly skilled in the use of instructional technologies and confident in the use of the web. This study examines the types and use of instructional media integrated in web-based lessons of P-12 study participants.;The correlation between types and use of instructional media and cognitive levels of learning are examined with Bloom's Taxonomy of Educational Objectives and Tomei's Instructional Technology Taxonomy. These two taxonomies were customized to reflect integrated instructional media and associated instructional strategies based on web-units completed by study participants.;An in-depth analysis of an intensity sampling who exhibited high use of active instructional media was conducted to corroborate results gathered through quantitative methods, to add validity to this study, and to examine participants' perceptions of instructional media and their use.;The study shows a correlation between the types and use of specific instructional media. Specific instructional media were integrated more frequently at low levels on each taxonomy than others. In-depth analysis corroborated findings and analysis of emergent themes yielded additional insight regarding the types and ways in which instructional media were integrated.