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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Industrial and Managements Systems Engineering

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Gary Winn.


This study was designed to identify the risk factors most commonly associated with law enforcement highway fatalities. Three approaches were used to assist in the identification of the most relevant risk factors. These approaches included as descriptive study, utilization of a focus group and a simple and multiple logistic regression analysis.;The descriptive study was performed on data extracted from the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration's (NHTSA) Fatality Analysis Risk System (FARS). The data was divided into three categories; Fatalities while driving, Fatalities while not driving-inside the vehicle and Fatalities while not driving outside the vehicle. The focus group consisted of 5 experts in various professional capacities related to law enforcement highway safety. These volunteer experts were asked to rank order the top five risk factors believed to be associated with law enforcement highway fatalities. A Spearman Rank Order Correlation was used determine if there was a correlation between the descriptive study and the results of the focus group. The third element involved a logistic regression analysis on the data segregated into the categories identified above. The results of the simple logistic regression analysis identified two elements with an association to incidents resulting in dead on arrival. These elements included lighting conditions where it was dark but artificially lighted and roadways other then straight. The dependent variable selected for the study was dead on arrival versus incidents in which the victim received medical treatment. The dependant variable serves as a limitation of the study. A multiple regression analysis was also performed on the risk factors identified by the focus group. However, there was not enough evidence to support any associations.;The results of the study have identified 4 basic factors that may potentially have an impact on law enforcement highway fatalities. These four elements include traveling speed, driver related factors, environmental elements and driver training. Protective measures should be taken by agencies to assist in the reduction of law enforcement highway fatalities. Future research should also be administered to allow for better data collection and analysis.