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College of Education and Human Services


Curriculum & Instruction/Literacy Studies

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Perry D. Phillips.


The purpose of the study was to examine and evaluate the effectiveness of the social studies teacher training program in Tabouk Teachers' College in Saudi Arabia. This research addressed six questions concerning teacher perceptions regarding the effectiveness of the teacher preparation programs in Tabouk Teachers' College. These questions examined teacher perceptions of the effectiveness of preparation they received for teaching in schools in Saudi Arabia. This study included teachers who completed student teaching and who graduated with a major in social studies. The 40-item instrument used to gather data included demographics, internship, instructor effectiveness, curriculum, teaching skills, classroom management, and three open ended questions. Teachers perceived that the program prepared them to teach within the principles of Islam, and for teaching in Saudi Arabia schools. They also perceived that the program met the needs of Saudi society. Results show that the teachers gave high ratings for their preparation in using a variety of teaching skills and learning proactive classroom management techniques. Teachers expressed a need for more exposure to non-traditional teaching techniques and more emphasis on the use of technology in instruction. They also advocated for an improved connection between the social studies courses and the elementary curriculum. A major implication was that the program supports teachers to teach within Islamic principles, and it serves a vehicle for networking with graduates. Teachers expressed the need to be involved in developing the social studies curriculum of Tabouk Teachers' College and in establishing a link with the elementary social studies curriculum as taught in the elementary schools.