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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Wood Science and Technology

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Elemer M. Lang.


The purpose of this research was to recycle veneer-mill residues from underutilized hardwood species into a value-added composite. These residues come from high quality logs and currently, are treated as waste. This study included the development of production methods of this new product. Using standard ASTM testing methods, an assessment into the physical and mechanical properties of the composite was performed.;The intended end use of these panels is as a web material in prefabricated I-joists. Composite I-joists were produced using flanges of structural composite lumber and a corrugated web. The purpose of the corrugated web was to increase the buckling capacity and in-plane stability of the joists. To manufacture structural size samples panels were joined in length. The strength of the web-to-web connection and two different flange-to-web connections were explored. A basic investigation into the bending performance of the I-joists was carried out.;This research was carried out as a preliminary investigation into the production methods and characterization of composite panels of hardwood decorative veneer clippings. This will lead to an adjoining thesis into the characterization and buckling capacity of I-joists with a corrugated web of these veneer-mill residue composite panels.