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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Agricultural & Extension Education

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Deborah A. Boone.


The purpose of this study was to determine the perceptions of West Virginia Farmers towards the Farmland Preservation Program. A descriptive research design using a mailed questionnaire was used for this study. The questionnaire was sent to a random sample of 255 farmers enrolled in the Monongahela Soil Conservation District from Marion, Monongalia, and Preston counties, a 36.8% response rate was obtained. This study found that farmers from Monongalia, Preston and Marion counties had a basic understanding of the Farmland Preservation Program and a desire to know more. The majority of the respondents were male and between the ages of 51 and 60. The farmers perceived a decrease in farmland loss and that small farms would be maintained as an impact of Farmland Preservation Programs. Only one respondent currently had their farm enrolled in farmland preservation and less than half of the respondents would consider placing their land in farmland preservation. Perceived barriers to participation included lack of knowledge, the program is perpetual and limited funding is available. Newspapers, newsletters along with public meetings and mail were the preferred methods for these landowners to receive information about Farmland Preservation Programs in their county.