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The purpose of this research is to explore what factors of projects on Kickstarter, a popular crowdfunding website, are most influential in the decision to financially support a project. This study used triangulated research methods to explore these factors. An online survey of people who had financially contributed to one or more Kickstarter projects was conducted to better understand what aspects of projects backers found most important. A series of in-depth interviews with people who have financially supported one or more Kickstarter campaigns was also conducted to add perspective about the reasons people had for backing the campaigns. Findings suggest that Kickstarter has several distinct benefits for those who support its projects and offers them an experience that traditional channels of production cannot. Findings also suggest that Kickstarter backers feel involved in the process of creating the projects they support, and that backers are willing to take risks to see projects that are important to them come to fruition. The information gathered in this research will help to improve understanding of the attitudes that drive Kickstarter, which have implications for other crowdfunding platforms. This information will also help Kickstarter project creators know what aspects of their campaigns prospective supporters find most important.