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College of Education and Human Services


Learning Sciences and Human Development

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Richard T. Walls.


The purpose of this study was to determine the impact of theatrical infusion on the academic self-efficacy toward the study of mathematics in middle school girls. A group of middle school girls participated in a program entitled Starring...Math. This five session program presented mathematical concepts through the use of theatrical infusion. The group of participants was composed of twenty-one girls in sixth, seventh and eighth grades.;Part I: Everyday Math Tasks of the Mathematics Self-Efficacy Scale (Betz & Hackett, 1989) was administered at three occasions: (1) prior to the start of the program, (2) at the end of the program and, (3) two weeks after the end of the program. Participants were asked to rate their self-efficacy toward a variety of math tasks on a Likert Scale (0-9). Part I: Everyday Math Tasks is comprised of eighteen scale items. The items were divided into two groups. One group was comprised of items related to material covered in the program. One group was comprised of items relating to material not covered in the program.;The study examined the change in score for Covered and Uncovered Scale-Items. There was a statistically significant increase in self-efficacy rating from Pre-Test occasion to Post-Test occasion for both Covered and Uncovered Scale-Items. There was no significant decrease in self-efficacy rating from Post-Test to Follow-Up for either group of scale-items.