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College of Education and Human Services


Curriculum & Instruction/Literacy Studies

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Ardeth Deay.


This study explored elementary school counselors' perceptions of working with students exposed to violent video games. Certified elementary school counselors participated in both an online survey and individual interviews, revealing their observations regarding elementary school children and the phenomenon of gaming. An emphasis was placed on information about violent video games and how playing these games appear to impact the students in their schools.;The study addressed the overarching question of whether or not elementary school counselors have concerns about student exposure to violent video games and how they respond to student generated discussions of playing violent video games. The study also focused on gathering information about professional development and training opportunities in regard to working with students who play violent video games. The intent of this study was to provide insight about elementary school counselors' experiences and viewpoints in relationship to student behaviors and thought processes that may be impacted by violence in video games. Participant responses from both the surveys and the individual interviews were analyzed and coded in an effort to capture predominant trends and themes and to share these findings with the educational community. The results from this research suggest that elementary school counselors are concerned about young children's exposure to video game violence and confirm the need for further research about the developmental and socio-emotional ramifications of playing violent video games.