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Agricultural & Extension Education

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Deborah A. Boone

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Harry N. Boone, Jr

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Jean M. Woloshuk


An Equine Skillathon is conducted annually at the West Virginia State Fair in Department F that is open to 4-H and FFA members. At the 2012 West Virginia State Fair, a descriptive research study was done utilizing the Equine Skillathon as the method of instrumentation. The study was conducted to assess the fundamental equine knowledge of junior and senior 4-H members who participated in the 2012 State Fair Equine Skillathon in the five categories of breed identification, conformation, body and hoof parts, as well as feed identification. The data was collected from the participating 4-H members' score sheets and used for the analysis. There were no differences in the scores for junior and senior 4-H members on breed identification, hoof parts, or feed identification. Senior members did score higher on conformation and body parts. Body parts had the lowest scores of all sections for both groups. Senior members scored less than 50% on the equine knowledge test. There was an association between the participants' years of participation in the 4-H Horse project, a County 4-H Horse Show, the State Fair Junior Horse and Pony Show, and the State Fair Equine Skillathon and their fundamental equine knowledge. Although a majority of the participants had participated in various horse shows and events, their equine knowledge was limited.