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College of Education and Human Services


Curriculum & Instruction/Literacy Studies

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Mary Haas.


This study examines the treatment of the three most practiced monotheistic religions, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism, within the pages of High School World History Textbooks. The results find that within World History textbooks Christianity and Islam receive more coverage than Judaism in narrative content, word usage, illustrations, and questions presented. Christianity receives the greatest amount of narrative content in all textbooks studied whereas Islam has portrayals that highlight the spiritual aspects of the religion to a greater extent than do Christianity and Judaism. Judaism received the least amount of coverage of the three religions. Very little is presented concerning the accomplishments and overall history of Judaism unless it has a connection to Christianity or Islam. Prentice Hall has little change in monotheistic content between the selected editions. The McDougal Littell text did make changes in its presentation of each of the monotheistic religions.;The study analyzed two of the most commonly adapted textbook titles in The United States: Prentice Hall's World History: Connections to Today and McDougal Littell's Patterns of Interactions . The most recent edition of each title was analyzed and then compared to the 2001 edition of the same title. As the analysis was completed, a journal was maintained to record findings which were then placed within a data collection chart created for this research. Quantitative findings were reported in absolute numbers and percentages when appropriate with a narrative conclusion providing the study's overall findings.