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Nan S. Leslie.


The goal of this change project was to improve the diagnosis and management of women with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) through the use of an electronic patient record system. PCOS is one of the top ten missed or delayed diagnoses as well as an inconsistently or mismanaged women's health issue in primary care.;The chronic care model, known pathophysiology, and evidence-based research composed the framework used in developing the diagnosis and management plan for an electronic record system in a free health care clinic.;The project was evaluated based on the following four objectives: (1) To provide an educational session at a free clinic to increase providers' knowledge about diagnosing PCOS; (2) To assess health care providers' knowledge about PCOS and its management before and after an educational session; (3) To develop a management plan and imbed the plan in an electronic patient record system at the free clinic to improve efficiency and quality of care for PCOS management; (4) To evaluate the effectiveness of an electronic management plan in increasing the frequency of diagnosis and appropriateness of treatment of PCOS at the free clinic. Objective one was evaluated by testing providers' knowledge before and after the educational session. Pre- and post educational session chart review was used to evaluate objectives two through four. Thirty-four total charts met the inclusion criteria for evaluation for this project.;Analysis of the data revealed a significant improvement in knowledge level of providers after the educational session. However, no statistically significant difference between pre and post educational session was found in diagnosing and managing the metabolic status of the PCOS population at the clinic.;This project is an initial step in utilizing technology to improve diagnosis and management of a frequently misdiagnosed or under diagnosed and mismanaged common chronic syndrome on women.