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Eberly College of Arts and Sciences


Geology and Geography

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Dengliang Gao

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Timothy Carr

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Jim Templin.


The Mackay dome field is found in southern Montana, in the northern most section of the Bighorn basin. It is characterized by a transpressional positive flower structure that lies above the left lateral Nye-Bowler lineament. The main reservoir is the Cretaceous Greybull sandstone, which is sourced by the lower Permian Phosphoria. The reservoir has been divided into two main compartments, but complicated faulting could divide it into a more segmented reservoir. The seismic attributes most extreme curvature, variance, and ant tracking were applied to the Greybull reservoir in order to delineate bounding and segmenting faults of the reservoir. These attributes identified minor faults that divide the reservoir into five fault block compartments, more than the two previously discovered. Detailed investigation indicates various sets of faults and fractures with distinct mode, orientation, intensity, and scale that should affect the migration potential and sealing capacity of oil and gas. By looking at lateral amplitude changes, the nature of the seal, static or dynamic, can be inferred. Our seismic attribute-assisted structure analysis is instrumental in evaluating reservoir geometry and continuity that can be used to determine whether the compartment is a good target for drilling wells.