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Jessica Troilo

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Abhik Roy


The purpose of this study was to examine associations between nature connectedness, parent-child connectedness, and the development of prosocial behavior. Nature connectedness pertains to the strong emotional affinity towards the natural environment and is linked with happiness, stress reduction, and good health. Prosocial behavior refers to actions or behaviors done with the intent to help others. This study consisted of 467 parent-informants that gathered information on the parent’s nature connectedness, the child’s nature connectedness, the parent-child connectedness, and the child prosocial behavior. Gaps in the literature were addressed by analyzing the role that parent nature connectedness has in predicting child nature connectedness, two variables that prior studies have yet to do. The findings of this study also suggest parent and child nature connectedness as being supportive of the parent-child relationship. The findings of this study have practical, applied implications for parents, educators, and practitioners due to the positive developmental outcomes and associations of nature connectedness and parent-child connectedness.