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College of Creative Arts


Graphic Design

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Eve Faulkes

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Joseph Galbreath

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Joseph Galbreath

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Kofi Opoku

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Gerald Habarth


This thesis proposes interactive visitor experience with social media and fake news references at 2.8 thesis exhibition at West Virginia University. 2.8 refers to the distance between the United States and Russia borders in the Bering Strait and suggests that switching a point of view helps conflicting groups find common ground. By designing a space in such a way that a visitor constantly faces an alternative point of view, which in this case represents my own, I investigate whether this experience contributes to the viewers’ outlook change. Another aim is to see whether adding interactive elements to a show improves the visitor experience. There is much personality put into my work, which results in the use of satire, bright saturated colors and obscure imagery. I used some of my old work in the show to examine how my own perception as a foreigner has changed over the years I lived in the United States. The goal of this exhibition was to challenge visitors’ beliefs through historical data and facts, showing that we have more in common than one might think, and it should not be seen as a negative factor.