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Trial-based functional analysis (TBFA) is an efficient strategy for assessing challenging behavior in the classroom and a necessary step in developing effective functional assessment- based interventions (FABI). However, researchers have identified several barriers limiting the applicability of this practice in schools, including difficulty in (a) training teachers to mastery; (b) assessing whether teachers can implement this practice independently, with fidelity, in natural settings; and (c) determining whether teachers can use functional analysis (FA) to identify functions of problem behavior and develop effective interventions. This study will address these gaps in the literature by using a novel approach for training teachers to implement TBFA and develop subsequent behavior plans. Video modeling is an evidence-based practice for helping children in school-based settings acquire new skills, and has some evidence supporting its use with teachers. This study assessed the effects of using video self-modeling in training teachers to conduct TBFA in classrooms. The primary dependent variable was treatment fidelity of teacher implementation of TBFA. Additional analyses included teachers’ ability to use student data to identify the function of problem behavior and develop appropriate FABI.

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