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Eberly College of Arts and Sciences


Political Science

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R. Scott Crichlow

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David M. Hauser

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David M. Hauser

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John C. Kilwein

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Joe D. Hagan

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Robert D. Duval


In this dissertation I examine political trust perceptions across different political-legal institutions and actors in Kosovo. I evaluate the levels of political trust using cultural and institutional performance explanations to investigate the key factors that have an impact on political trust. The study explores national political trust and international political trust, considering many domains of political trust: government, political leaders, political parties, Kosovo Courts, Kosovo Police, NATO, United Nations, European Union, and the Kosovo Specialist Court. There is growing concern about lower levels of political trust across Europe, especially in post-communist countries. In this study, I make the case that trust in political institutions is vital to the democratic functioning of the state. A certain degree of trustworthiness in institutions is a necessary precondition for the legitimacy, fairness and democratic governance. The research findings illustrate that transitional democracies like Kosovo face lower levels of trust due to corruption, security and stability concerns, and low government performance.

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