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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Recreation, Parks and Tourism Resources

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Chad D Pierskalla


This present work employed a quasi-experimental study to examine the change of college and academic self-efficacy perception of first year students following their experience upon participation in a Challenge Course Based Orientation Program (CCBOP) covering varying levels of University 101 curriculum integration. In total 68 first year students out of an available 96 participated in the study. Four individual programs were chosen, two were randomly assigned a 'Holistically integrated' treatment (n=37) and the remaining programs were assigned 'Non-integrated' treatment (n=31). All participants completed the College Self-Efficacy Inventory (CSEI), and College Academic Self-Efficacy Scale (CASES) prior to and immediately following the CCBOP experience.;Measurement of differences between pre-test and post-test values of both instruments by total response as well as by treatment groups was made. Non biased analysis of the CBOP's effect upon student treatment groups was examined via determination of effect size. Mean gain score of treatment groups pre-test/post-test differences were compared via independent t-test to identify significant differences.;Results show significant increase in students' self-efficacy perception among both treatment groups on items within the CSEI and produced 'moderate' to 'large' effect sizes. 'Integrated' treatment responses generated a greater number of items of significant difference within the CASES when compared to the 'Non-integrated' treatment group. 'Integrated' treatment results show a high majority of 'large' effect sizes highlighting the treatments ability to influence participants' perceived college self-efficacy.