Engin Baran

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Statler College of Engineering and Mineral Resources


Lane Department of Computer Science and Electrical Engineering

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Ali Feliachi

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Larry Banta

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Ismail B Celik

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Muhammad Choudhry

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Natalia A Schmid


Due to the development of a high-technology-society, power demand has been increasing year after year. Therefore, new materials and development approaches in battery systems seek for a solution to store large amounts of energy. Among these new battery types, sodium sulfur batteries are a new practical and economical competitive solution in electrical energy storage systems. However, development of new batteries is a slow and an expensive practice.;The purpose of this study is to adapt a transient lumped computational model for a sodium sulfur battery cell to multi-cells of sodium sulfur battery module by using MATLAB/Simulink. Based on a non-linear battery model, different battery modules are presented and analyzed to predict the electrochemical behavior of the cells. Case studies are validated with simulations and experimental results from literatures. Presented model is designed to aid in the design process and calculation of state of charge of sodium sulfur battery storage units.