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Davis College of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Design


Agricultural & Extension Education

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Deborah A Boone

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Harry N Boone

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Stacy A Gartin


This descriptive survey study was designed to identify the impact of being a West Virginia State FFA President elected between the years of 1955-2005 on career and personal accomplishments. The population consisted of 51 people who were elected to the office of West Virginia FFA President, the response rate was 69%. A survey which was composed of four main question sets was mailed to the accessible population.;Questions focused on their SAE and FFA experience, involvement in community and school activities, leadership skills, and demographics. Data were collected and analyzed to identify contributing factors in each of the constructs. The study found that leadership skills were influenced by their FFA experience, specifically being a State President, and the respondents were active members of the community.;Several indicated how FFA had an impact on their lives and they were appreciative of the opportunity. Some remarked that the experience lead them to their current careers.